ultra low power coin
The tnycoin is still in very early phase, thank you for any mining contribution so far!

tCO in circulation: 1.427081

Base reward: 0.000001(LUCI1)

Energy: ~24.6W

Net Hashrate: 28.9 Kh/s

Miners: 41



Mine can get up/down few times this evening, i am working on few last updates to the code
which will give insights to the chain of hashes in nearest future.
Expect some very-quick downtimes tonight!

A new version of tNYMINER is released (0.57) adding Split Brain mode and fixing DUCO type
Grab it here.
There will be mining and web maintenance happening during this weekend (starting today),
few new statistics will show up and i'll be closing some of the open items on the list
related mostly to auto healing the chain gaps.

0.5.6 will be released today, expect downtimes in mining over the weekend.
use this time to update your miners to the latest versions.

Prepare to update your miners to 0.5.6 as server will no longer
accept miners without the type flag in the job command.
Planning to release this version on weekend, so you still have some time left ;)

New mining protocol update is now available
Additionaly to match up with the protocol, new release is out grab it here
This update brings miner identification when asking for a job,
which is a type of the miner used (ESP32, ESP8266, OTHER).
It is optional yet in current version, but will become mandatory in nearest future.
Slowly update your miners :)

A simple statistics page was added to give more insight into the "excavation".
Head to tny stats page to look under the hood
Additionaly a new ESP8266 firmware has been developed and will be released today
on the github page. Stay tuned and get your old 8266's ready :)

tCO Transfers are back, feel free to move them around.

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(c) razor 2o21:0.5